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End of CDs – well..not yet

By 6th April 2016Uncategorised

DVD factoryAccording to Side-Line magazine in the US some time ago, it was estimated that the last CDs in the world would be pressed in 2012. A little naive i would say. Although streaming and downloading of audio is currently in its prime, we have seen a delicate surge in over the counter CD purchase in the last 12 months; some people like to have something to hold for their transaction!
The fact that many PCs no longer has a optical drive by default, home players becoming almost obsolete and most high streets no longer have a retail outlet selling CDs , the downward pressure is huge. The big stores like HMV and Virgin have mostly gone by the wayside, while domestic stores like Dunnes and Tesco have kept a section alive where new releases and endless numbers of compilations can be purchased. There is no official end date for the CD, and with no other physical media option lying in wait , it remains to be seen how things will trend.cd

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