Not too sure if I want to buy,just looking for information really about doing a CD

Thats no problem. We have newbies as well as experienced people checking out our site. We can give you free no obligation advice on your project and we might be able to help you choose. Our friendly and experienced staff are here to help

I really only want to buy about 50 cds , is this Ok?

Yes, we have lots of customers doing small quantities.

I only have music files, can you make the master for me?

We can. Our Audio department is vastly experienced in master creation, using all types of source files. We can offer advice on anything related to audio really.

Why is the price of 1000 digipaks not much higher than 500?

For replication on industrial machines, the set up cost for 500 is quite high so the 1000 qty is really cost effective.

Could I get a sample?

Yes, we can supply a sample of a specific type of packaging. We would need your full name, address and contact number.

I have artwork, Could I get a sample done up of my own CD?

Yes, but it would entail a small cost for production and set up time. €6 will cover it, including courier next day delivery. This service not applicable to special cardboard products.

Need the CDs in a hurry, whats your best lead time?

Its really dependent. We need to check the files etc. and the production schedule here, but we can do a best available turnaround if requested.

Do you guys do the Cds in your own plant.

We do smaller runs (under 500) normally in our building here in Limerick. For large runs larger than 500 we use our Replication partner SONY DADC.

Someone told me Duplicated Cds are not as good as Cd ROMs, is this true?

At one time, yes, the early cd players did not like recorded cds (duplicated) and would be happier with stamped ROMs. These days are gone thankfully. We rarely have readability issues in the duplication world so youre safe!