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Mastering Your CD – Richard Dowling of WAV Mastering

By 27th January 2015Duplication Ireland

download (1)Mastering as referred from the studio side or pre-mastering from the manufacturing side is the final stage to improve on the sound of any piece of music before being released to the world via digital distribution or duplicated / replicated CD’s.
Every piece of music should be mastered and ideally by a professional dedicated mastering engineer.
It in itself is a sonic art and should be taken more than simply limiting a mix to make it louder at the end of the mixing chain.

download (2)What happens at the mastering stage and how can it benefit your recording?
In a mastering studio, you get the opportunity to reassess your tracks in an accurate monitoring environment. Having your mixes properly mastered gives you an additional opportunity to get your tracks sounding as good as they deserve to be. Take your recording a stage further at mastering. If you record and mix your work in the same room with the same monitoring, it’s easy to get so close to your work that you possibly won’t be able to hear what else could be done to enhance it further. Get your music sounding balanced, polished, loud and at a professional release quality.

equip_image_2What can WAV Mastering do for you?
Working alongside an experienced and dedicated mastering engineer to get the best out of your recordings. Working with state of the art dedicated equipment for the mastering environment, various selections of EQ’s, Compressors & Limiters.

Have your masters prepared for duplication or manufacturing including editing, sequencing, PQ encoding and ISRC encoding.
Have your masters converted and ready for digital distribution on Wav file or MP3 directly from the EQ’d master.

At Wav Mastering we have a state of the art from the ground up purpose built mastering room dedicated to this art.
We asked Richard a few questions on Mastering, these have been asked by our customers..

Brian: Richard, How long have you been working in the music industry,.. and in pre mastering in particular?
Richard: So Brian I have been in the industry since 1987 starting as a studio engineer and been working in mastering since 1990.

Brian: What sort of costs would it be for say, a 12 track CD?
Richard: I have one mastering rate of 50 euro per trk and master a 10/11/12 trk album for 500 euro.

Brian: What’s the procedure for someone who wishes to get their audio premastered with you?
Richard: Contact me through the following:
E – richard@wavmastering.com
T – 061 634 133

Preparing mixes for mastering:
Usually expect source material on stereo data files, separate L,R or interleaved PC compatible Wav’s or Aiff’s preferable at the resolution of the original tracked recording or a minimum of 16bit/44.1khz.
Where possible supply source material without any processing that may have been applied with gain for listening purposes.
No issue if any compression or limiting is being used creatively on the mix bus that works for you as long as the mix waveform does not looked squared or dynamics over controlled.

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